The Aiculs are mostly described as the most beautiful and dangerous beings of the galaxy, since they have the ability to manipulate the enemy minds, leaving them unable to react and confusing them. These aliens shouldn't been faced alone, since they can be disable pilot ships for several seconds, plus they are really strong. Leatos are strongly recommended.

They are tough alien life forms.


These aliens own an aggressive stance, because they usually attack pilots right away (targeting the stronger one attacking it after 5 seconds). Since they have the ability to confuse and stun pilots, they are dangerous and are able to escape easily, but notice they can only disable one at time, so facing them within a group is highly recommended. At critical state, the stun chance increases.


Hit points 450.000
Damage 20.000
Attack rate 0.9/second
Speed 130 parsecs/second
Shield or defense 250.000 defense
Hierarchy Effect 100,000
Rewards 30,000 atmos

Unique skill

They have the ability to confuse or stun enemies every 15 seconds. There's 70% chance they confuse the target, not allowing it to attack for 5 seconds and there's a 30% chance they stun the target, completely disabling it (this means not allowing it to attack, move or use abilities) for 3.5 seconds. At critical state, the chances of confusing decreases to 20% and the chances of stunning increases up to 80%.