The Binoxs are technically weak aliens, but they can become into a slightly powerful swarm in a few seconds and become really dangerous if not killed fast. High-damage output ships are highly recommended. They are usually seen in groups of 2 to 4 alien spaceships.

They are vulnerable alien life forms.


These aliens own a semi-passive stance, because they will never engage in battle unless they're attacked first. Once an alien receives damage, the rest of the group will attack the attacking pilot. The Binox receiving damage will periodically summon Binixs (5 max. per Binox). When one of the Binox reach critical state, every Binox of the group will split itself into a Binox-A and a Binox-B, adquiring 50% of the current stats of the original Binox. If the pilot decides to escape, every Binox-A and Binox-B will come together again into the original Binoxs and repair themselves at a rate of 5% of their total Hit points per second and the summoned Binix will return to their respective summoners.


Hit points 80.000
Damage 2.000
Attack rate 1.25/second
Speed 375 parsecs/second
Shield or defense 15.000 defense
Hierarchy Effect 12,500
Rewards 5.000 folew

Unique skill

They will summon a Binix after 10 seconds of receiving damage. These Binixs will defend the Binoxs as long as the battle lasts but never getting too far away from their summoners. When one of the Binox reaches critical state, every Binox will split itself into a Binox-A and a Binox-B, each receiving 50% of the current stats of the original Binox.