The Fizzlars are one of the most weak aliens of all the galaxies, so they are a perfect match to new pilots and weak ships. They are usually seen in groups of 3 to 6 alien spaceships and these groups are generally separated from one another.

They are vulnerable alien life forms.


These aliens own a semi-passive stance, so they never attack non-offensive pilots. However, if a pilot attacks one or more alien spaceships of a group for more than 10 seconds, nearby Fizzlars will start patrolling around the player closer and closer (for other 10 seconds) and if the pilot keeps attacking or destroys one of them, every patrolling Fizzlar of that group will attack that pilot.


Hit points 3.000
Damage 500
Attack rate 0.9/second
Speed 150 parsecs/second
Shield or defense 500 defense
Hierarchy Effect 500
Rewards 100 atmos

Unique skill

They own the ability to "defend" other aliens of the specie. After attacking one or more aliens of the same group for more than 10 seconds, the rest of the group members will start patrolling around the attacker for other 10 seconds. If in those 10 seconds the player keeps attacking or destroys a Fizzlar of the same group, every alien spaceship of that group will attack, otherwise they will just stop patrolling around the pilot.