The Inferna are weak but dangerous aliens for weak ships, since they have an incendiary ability which stacks reaching massive damage output the longer the fight lasts. They are usually seen in groups of 3 to 5 specimens.

There's a war between the Inferna and the Mysteria species. There are specific battle fields where groups of 15 to 20 Infernas and 9 to 14 Mysterias struggle.

They are tough alien life forms.


These aliens own an aggresive stance, so they attack every player and Mysteria right away (focusing on Mysterias first). Their attacks have a passive damage-over-time ability that stacks several times, so aviod prolonging the battle is highly recommended. At critical state, they gain explosive attacks (splash damage) every a few attacks.


Hit points 10.000
Damage 7.500
Attack rate 1.10/second
Speed 410 parsecs/second
Shield or defense 5.000 defense
Hierarchy Effect 10,000
Rewards 1,500 atmos

Unique skill

Their skill is to have a passive damage-over-time ability, that makes their attacks to deal 0,5% extra damage per second for 120 seconds (resetting with every attack), stacking the percentage up to 25% extra damage. At critical state, their attacks gain a 175% splash damage (applying the passive ability to the affected targets) every 3 attacks.