The Leianyas are very special aliens that are able to blend with the environment. These aliens might be really dangerous for Lissons or weak Almeas, since they usually tend to ambush in groups of 4 to 6 specimens.

They are tough alien life forms.


These aliens own a semi-aggressive stance, because they usually attack pilots that stays near of the group for more than 30 seconds when camouflaged. They are usually found together, so if one stops cloaking, the rest of that group will too. When at critical state, they tend to escape and if it gets out of the attackers range, it will camouflage again and won't attack any pilot until it gets damaged again.


Hit points 75.000
Damage 2.250
Attack rate 0.75/second
Speed 185 parsecs/second
Shield or defense 15.000 defense
Hierarchy Effect 15,000
Rewards 2,500 atmos

Unique skill

They are spawned camouflaged (althought they can still be targeted). Whenever they get damaged or they decide to attack (after a pilots stays near of their group for more than 30 seconds), the camouflage breaks. They can get camouflaged again either when they are out of combat for 5 seconds or either when they reach critical state and get out of the attackers range and sight.