The Taniris are exceptional aliens, since they have the ability to come back to life after death. The sum of it's strenght and it's resurrection ability makes these specimens very dangerous, so players should be aware after engaging battle.

They are tough alien life forms.


These aliens own a semi-passive stance, meaning they never attack pilots unless receiving damage. At critical state, these aliens have the particularity to prepare themselves to death in a certain time. If they get ready for death, they'll come back to life, with half of the total hit points. They can do this an infinite number of times, so be aware that killing them fast it's a must do.


Hit points 850.000
Damage 40.000
Attack rate 1.15/second
Speed 130 parsecs/second
Shield or defense 450.000 defense
Hierarchy Effect 160,000
Rewards 40,000 atmos

Unique skill

Whenever they reach critical state, they can prepare themselves to revive in 20 seconds. If they are not killed in that time, they will come back to life after 5 seconds of dying with half of the total hit points. They can do this an endless number of times, so if a player cannot kill them in those 20 seconds, escaping is strongly recommended.